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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions

1. All Phones, tablets, and LCDS come with a 90 day warranty. Warranty covers any defects that may have been present and not disclosed at the time of receipt of the item. Warranty means we will exchange or repair the item for free, if applicable. If we don't have a suitable replacement, we will offer a refund. If you drop the phone or damage the LCD or part, it will void the warranty.

2. Warranty void if - you damage the item physically by dropping it, cracking it, or water damage. Void if iCloud or Samsung or Google account is not removed during return process, or if you send products that are not ours.

3. All phones come with small aftermarket general box, wall or car charging adapter, and charging cable. Any accessories like case or tempered glass are extra. Original box not typically included.

4. Phones on the site are stock photos to show the general quality of the item. Each individual phone may be slightly different as they are typically used phones

5. For wholesale accounts ordering more than 3 phones or 5 LCDs, please contact the owner directly via text or call - Aaron - 209 204 5485 - we can often do large wholesale discounts for bulk buyers


-Aaron Simon-Welch